Joe LeMonnier, Map Artist
I've always loved maps. Even before I knew that you could use them for something, I just liked the way they looked.
When I tell people, "I make maps," they ALWAYS say, "I like maps!" Well, who doesn't? It's like selling ice cream. Nobody doesn't like it. Besides being useful, maps are nice, flat, abstract art. While no one can define 'good' art, I can tell you that I make good maps and that they have art in them.
For the last many years, I've been building a log cabin off-grid, doing everything by hand. The cabin is mostly finished and now I'm rebuilding a bridge over the 30-foot wide creek, making furniture, and moving boulders (up to 7 tons) with hand power. Unlike maps or ice cream, nobody seems to care much about boulders, although, once someone tries a hand at moving boulders, they can't help but feel a satisfying tingle of accomplishment.
Currently, I work from my studio in East Orange, New Jersey where my wife and I are starting as empty nesters now that our two daughters (fledglings) are on their own.
My prices are competitive. I work quickly and can meet any deadline. If you'd like an estimate on an upcoming project, please email or call me at 973-452-0280 .