About Joe
I've been making maps for 30 years. (Yes, that's well before everything was done with computers.) In that time, I've created 7,000 maps: current event maps, historical maps, rainfall maps, political, physical and cultural maps. I've also done information graphics, earth science, life science and technical illustrations. If there's anything you want to see but can't find here, please email me at joe@mapartist.com.

Over the years, I developed a technique with (modified) airbrushes I've since improved using high-tech tools. You've seen my work in publications like the New York Times, Natural History magazine, Audubon magazine and the The Wall St Journal and, if you've got children or remember being one yourself, you've seen my maps in textbooks.

Not only am I published by major magazines and book publishers (including an entire Atlas of 60 maps (Time For Kids Atlas) and 18 maps in a recent edition of The Bible, but my work has also been :

  • On billboards (in Florida for Kmart)
  • On museum displays (Oklahoma, North Carolina and American Museums of Natural History
  • On flags (in the Lake Erie Museum) and
  • As trail markers (in Coos Bay, Oregon)
  • Made into puzzles and toys
  • Animated in movies
  • Even on tourist maps (City of New York map of SOHO)

Before maps and I found each other, I studied Art and Chemistry at Bard College and taught painting at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. There, I made very flat paintings, I explored flatness. Currently, I work from my studio in South Orange, New Jersey where I live with my wife and two young daughters.

My prices are competitive, I work quickly and can meet any deadline. If you'd like an estimate on an upcoming project, please email or call me at 973-452-0280.

Thank you,